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Parking Etiquette


I'm new to the boards but I have been riding my Kawasaki for four years. I just what to get some peoples feedback about an issue that I've been having. I have been living in Sydney for about a year and I live in a place that has secure parking. The parking area doesn't have places for motorbikes so we park wherever we can fit. I have been parking in the same place for the whole time have have been living there. The other bikes have specific places because they always park there and this spot has become mine. This other bike that has just started parking in the car park has decided that that is now their spot. I wrote them a letter explaining the situation but they have continued to park there. What is the parking etiquette here? I know it's just a parking spot but there aren't many spots for bikes and I was there first.

I would also like to here if anyone else has and motorcycle etiquette problems.

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