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ninja 250 or 650

ima pretty big boy at about 310 but I'm only about 5'4.im 22 and I've rode on 2 wheels a lot of my life.. as a kid i was always on bikes and wen i got old enough i had a dirt bike..it was an old honda trail bike not anything too big.. i stopped riding for awhile and now I've decided i want to get back into it.. my grandpa was a harley guy and i kno id love to get a harley.. but at my experience and at my budget it seems like a street bike is where id like to go with my 1st bike. besides i do already have a harley( my grandpas bike b4 he passed away was a ultra classic electro glide) but i don't feel comfortable sitting on it as far as my ability to control it..also i do like sports bikes and i plan on owning a few different bikes.. now my question is would a 650 b better for someone my size and height? or can a 250 be good enough if i didn't keep it stock? reason i ask is my friend is selling his 2009 250 for 2grand to me, and with the extra 500 i have saved up i could maybe put it into suspension? or another upgrade?
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