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Mods for 07 ZX6R

I have a 2007 ZX6R with the following simple mods:

JUMPER MOD (EURO-SPEC ECU) - Do it, don't even contemplate this. It takes minutes and is totally worth it. Love the smell of burnt rubber. No known conflicts with other mods. Seriously maybe took 5 minutes and a paperclip.

MICHELIN POWER PURE TIRES - I've run a few different tires and these are pretty bitchin. The bike instantly felt faster by using these lighter ones. CONS are that the tread pattern causes the back end to walk a lot on lined freeways and crappy pavement which makes the rear feel very unstable and sketchy for every day street riding. Michelin rep recommended PSI 38 Front / 36 Rear; I'm currently running mine a little higher. I periodically scrub the tires with just soap and water to clean off the road grime. Paid $350 for everything mounted and balanced.

DYNO JET POWER COMMANDER III USB - Must have if you're going to do any intake or exhaust mods at all. Start with this mod. I'm not mechanically inclined and I was still able to install this myself.

GEARS -1/+2 sprockets with 520 chain & speedo healer - one of the best mods I've done. After installing (and every time I change tires) I strap a gps to the tank and drive around enough to dial in the speedometer. Great mod, if I had to do it over I would probably only go -1 down on the front and leave the back alone as the top end of the range suffered a bit and my RPM's run kind of high when I'm speeding. My friend said this was an easy mod but I had a shop install it. Anytime I mess with the back I always have a shop align the rear wheel.

HEALTECH X-TRE - Hands down best bang for the buck. Prior to this $120 piece of electronics the power band didn't come to life until about 8-11,000 RPM. Now there is no lag, better torque & throttle response; smoother power gain from idle on up. This unit works by eliminating the stock ECU's timing retard function in first 3 gears. MUST HAVE mod for making this small bike more driveable. (basically increases timing from stock) If you're going to do anything, do this. I paid $100 to have a shop install this.

KAWASAKI VELOCITY STACKS - Honestly I felt a difference but still haven't decided if it's favorable or not. It smoothed out the power band in some spots. I've read that the Factory Pro stacks are much better so I'm going to give them a shot and post updates after I dyno. If you're mod happy go for it as it has been proven to increase performance, but by how much I'm not sure and personally am not a huge fan. Installed myself. (careful not to drop gas tank and break fuel line)

IVAN'S BLOCK OFF PLATES - I think they call it Kleen Air Mod. These eliminated some of the factory smog equipment that isn't so necessary where I ride. Made the bike run a tad smoother, virtually eliminated all backfiring. No felt performance gains. Little confusing going off the forums but finally figured out and installed myself.

BMC FILTER - Don't put the race filter in your bike unless people sponsor your bike and pay you to RACE. You do not want sediment in your engine and the performance differences between the street and race filter are negligible. I do recommend the street filter. I think it made a difference, and it's reusable. Put in myself. (Again, careful with the gas tank)

GPR STEERING STABILIZER - Not worth $450 to me. I do believe this may have saved me one day when I wasn't paying attention and rode over a cinder block in the middle of the road, but honestly I liked the lighter feel of the stock stabilizer-less steering. It did smooth out the steering walk as the front tire get's lighter but hasn't stopped those random rough jerks when I'm on it hard. Every once and a while the front comes up abruptly and I'll still get a tank slapper when I set it down not perfectly straight. Also, red anodized finish faded in one month so buy the plain silver one. I'm keeping mine on, but if I had to do it again I probably wouldn't pay to run one my ZX6. Installed myself in 20 mins.

I lowered the front only 1/4" to dive into the turns harder. Adverse affect is that there is less trail (less contact patch) and in the hard turns it understeers; the turning feels heavier and pushes to the outside. I may raise the front up a few millimeters but still keep it lower than stock. DO NOT LOWER THE BACK unless your feet don't reach the ground at all. Lowering the back ruins the performance handling and makes the bike feel soft like a cruiser & pretty much no fun. I'm on my tippy toes and tried lowering the rear and totally hated it. I rode around for 2 weeks and then returned the rear to stock height. Messed with the front numerous times before I settled on 1/4" drop. Tipped a shop tech to do this work.

I'm in Las Vegas, NV and I had relocated the license plate up under the rear with a kit and got pulled over maybe 3 days later and had to return the plate back to the rear. Looks cool but not worth the hassle to me. Did this mod myself.

Next week I'm putting on MJSperformance header, supposed to reduce a few lbs and add a few HP. Going to have a shop install with fresh gaskets.

Pinebox muffler should arrive any day now, black ceramic coated b-cut design. This is a fabricated unit out of Utah which looks dope and sounds cool. This should be an easy DIY mod.

I'm wrapping the entire exhaust with the DEI "titanium" heat wrap, metal ties and applying the DEI silicone spray. I'm just hoping to lower the idle running temperature during the 113 degree summers we have here. Easy mod.

I'm applying Thermotec adhesive heat wrap to the stock airbox for about $50 bucks. Although this mod has been proven to lower airbox temperatures by 3-20 degrees, I have not seen anything that shows any real performance gains. At 10,000 RPMS a 600cc motor sucks in about 30 gallons of air per second. At that rate air doesn't really sit in the box long enough to heat up. In theory, however, it should help somewhat. Should be an easy & fun mod.

I'm completely flushing out the engine coolant and replacing it with "engine ice". My friend just had it done and his 03 ZX6 runs 10 degrees cooler while sitting at a light. Cycle Tech in Vegas did this for about $60 bucks. Engine Ice works as both coolant and anti-freeze and doesn't need to be changed for about 2 years. Not for track use due to slippery nature if spilled.

I'm installing Factory Pro's billet velocity stacks. These are known to offer small gains and smooth out the power band. Smoother power bands mean better traction to me. We don't get much rain in Vegas and traction is quite a problem with the roads out here. Shouldn't be too hard to install.

I should have the exhaust & velocity stacks on and be ready for the dyno in about 2 weeks. I'll update with the outcome.

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