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Exclamation ZXR750 H2 (1990) - charging system.

Totally confused! Full service & new battery but bike dies after trips over 25miles if go above 5,000rpm, power drain increases the higher the revs (wots the use of havin a sportsbike if u can't use all that power & handling!). Have checked out using a voltmeter test n problem seems to be coming from alternator (pushing out from 0.5 to 1 volt,or so it appears) but it has a new belt. Obviously a new alternator is last option I want so thought I'd check out regulator or rectifier. A parts site states that this model has both & even shows nice photos of them but no matter how much I search I can't find anything that resembles them on my bike. Can anyone point me in the right direction re: where they are located n if they could be causing the problem as it seems logical that the AC isn't being either - altered to DC & sent to battery (alternator prob), or - not being sent in right amount (regulator/rectifier prob); or does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks

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