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Buy it!

Hey Soft Shoulder
Don't know if you've made your decision yet but I'm headed into my third season on my 08 Concours. It's the most "fun" bike I've ever had (and I've owned bikes for 35 years). It's fast! It's responsive! And it's "pretty" comfortable for two-up riding. That said, I have added some bells & whistles that have "tuned it in" for my needs.

First stop was a V-Stream windscreen. At my height (6') I found the stock shield putting every bug, raindrop, and speck of dust directly into my helmet's face-shield. V-stream added enough height to eliminate this annoyance, as well as quieting the ride enough to use my rider/passenger intercom (too noisy with stock to even bother).

Next, I lowered the rear pegs for my girlfriend. This helped put her into a more comfortable riding position.

For increased mileage, saving money on winter stabilizer, and overall better mid-range power, I dropped a set of Fitch Fuel Catylist into the tank after break-in period. Mileage went from 38mpg to 42mpg, and she starts in the spring like I just shut her off.

While on the subject of fuel--avoid any gasoline with ethanol added if possible. Anytime I've had to fuel up on ethanol the bike's performance drops noticeably. Maybe just a coincidence but I've noticed it every time. Personally, I rather see the corn go into our food, and have our fuel burn the way it should . . . but maybe that's just my anti-green political leanings.

Finally, I just added some "Trackside" heated grips earlier this spring. Not sure where you're riding but here in Vermont, if you want to ride before June 1st these come in pretty handy.
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