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Diagnosis help / Advice

Recently purchased a '97 zl600 with thoughts of a cafe racer. Looks like i bought myself a project:

Rough idle
Wont idle below 1.5k
idle is touchy to adjustment, rpm's will shoot up/down easily
Loss of power, dies when throttle is open after warm up

What I've done:
Cleaned all carbs and jets (wasn't sure about disassembling slides and diaphragms, so i brushed the aluminum and protected the rubber, no submersion in cleaner)
Didn't adjust floats, checked needles for seating by turning over carbs and blowing into fuel line
Bench sync throttle valves
Set all idle mixture screws to 1.75 turns out from seat
New spark plugs
New Air filter
New hose clamps
Silicone lube on all seals/hoses to help vacuum

And the god damn thing still does the exact... same.... thing

Any thoughts? thanks

I tend to learn things the hard way
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