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Question 1992 EN500 fuel hoses

Hi, I have just bought a 1992 EN500 cruiser. I have two hoses that lead to nowhere, one of them pumped fuel out when i tried to start her up (dont ask me which one as i panicked and switched off). Can someone please tell me where hoses should go to as i am a complete numpty and cant for the life of me understand the haynes manual.
(Facing the petcock) left side of petcock there is a black hose connected straight down to carb (this is not my problem hose) right side of petcock is a grey hose about inch long leading to nowhere, if it should be connected what should this be connected to? the second grey slightly thicker hose comes up from a 'T' section between the two carbs, if this should be connected what should it be connected to? (there is another much longer black hose connected underneath the petrol tank on opposite side that runs down through framework i'm guessing this is a breather hose and should not be connected to anything).
I would appreciate any help at all as my head is spinning from trying to work this out.
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