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Originally Posted by KarSung View Post
Don't deal with Kelly's Kawasaki sales reps, they are bunch of money hungry people.....they treat you very bad, they expect everyone to be stupid like them. As soon as they feel you are smart, they don't want anything to do with you...that's why I ended up getting my bike from somewhere else.....
i know!!!! you are talking about the one on country club right?? i went there because i live close to there now and the guy thought he had me, he was ripping me off big time and telling me i was stupid for things i said, he said "get this zx6r then in about 2 months you can handle the zx14" he quoted me 3 grand over msrp for the zx6r

when i lived out by the superstition mountains i went to arizona kawasaki over on apache trail and (cant remember other street) they were very nice and didnt push me into anything, they were pretty cool people

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