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Originally Posted by Skateboarder85205 View Post
i know!!!! you are talking about the one on country club right?? i went there because i live close to there now and the guy thought he had me, he was ripping me off big time and telling me i was stupid for things i said, he said "get this zx6r then in about 2 months you can handle the zx14" he quoted me 3 grand over msrp for the zx6r

when i lived out by the superstition mountains i went to arizona kawasaki over on apache trail and (cant remember other street) they were very nice and didnt push me into anything, they were pretty cool people
I ended up buying my bike from a Honda dealership up North Phoenix and I dealt directly with General Manager (Chip), he is a nice guy, he pretty much straight up person, my bike was not even put together, in a box at their warehouse....after I made a deal with him he had it pulled and assembled it.....got to dealership and it was sitting there nice and pretty...........I was in love once I put my eyes on it. We've been together since......

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