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Originally Posted by KarSung View Post
I ended up buying my bike from a Honda dealership up North Phoenix and I dealt directly with General Manager (Chip), he is a nice guy, he pretty much straight up person, my bike was not even put together, in a box at their warehouse....after I made a deal with him he had it pulled and assembled it.....got to dealership and it was sitting there nice and pretty...........I was in love once I put my eyes on it. We've been together since......
thats awesome!!! if i bought a new bike id want it to come from the crate! id like to know it was 100% mine, no test rides and it wasnt sat on or touched! i went over to champion honda (i think it was) by superstition mall and talked to a guy named shaun loy, he was one hell of a salesman i went there back when i had a co-signer and he didnt try to rip me off, i said "im gonna be honest what is the best deal you can give me on 2008 gsxr 600" and he gave me below msrp he said he wasnt gonna make me pay shipping and freight and assembly and all that crap and he would throw in a discount on gear. he didnt haggle or anything

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