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Originally Posted by Skateboarder85205 View Post
i walked into the kawasaki dealer and the first time i ever saw the zx14 in person i got chills..it was so big i tried to imagine me even trying to ride it, i knew if i did, death would be waiting for me around the next corner...
You don't know what is behind those bikes.....pour power, my brother & I trade our bikes and from the light we both nailed our bikes and on his 14 I pull the front end up where I had to let go of the throttle but my brother lean forward and he took off on my bike like there is no tomrrow......I have good 200 size tire on the back and though I can burn that tire of the rim it grabs really well....I can never understand to why ZX14 went with 190 tire....with that much power how can one keep that tire from spinning....my brother went through his first rear tire less than 3k miles, he went with new model tire that came out not too long ago, harder compound in the middle and softer compound on the outer.....seems to be better is what he said.

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