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Originally Posted by ninja_freak1000 View Post
Well recently I got another ninja 250. Its a 05 with 1800 miles. The guy told me he didn't do the 500 miles maintaindance which requires the checking for valve adjustments. Do you guys think its worth spending 300 bucks to do it since its only a check.
I am not sure where you are but $300 for valve clearance check should not be that much....if you are in AZ look up D.P. Supersports and talk to either Jeff or Eric......they will take care of you, they charge $160 to check and to actually do it is $260. Most of the time valves don't need adjustment since they are that new.....so if you are not here in AZ let your local shop know that you just want to have valve clearance check first, don't let them rip you off.....

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