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I neglected to mention that the dealer checked the various sensors and they checked out fine.....
Originally Posted by vikes1961 View Post
My 2009 ZX-10R ran fine when I first purchased it. Now, 700 miles later it went from stalling upon start-up about every third time to every other time and now almost every time. It always stays running upon the second start. Along with that it initially runs at about 1000 RPMs when first started for a few seconds then revs to anywhere from 2200 to 2800 RPMs until it reaches 115 to 120 degrees then goes back down to 1000 RPMs. I took it to my dealer and they referred the problems to Kaw. Kaw said they were aware of such issues and did not have the fix at this time and may or may not issue a bulletin when the fix was available. I'm guessing it is an expensive computer issue and they do not want to spend the cash to fix all the affected bikes. I also had a noisy vibration in the ignition, so my dealer ordered some new screws for the ignition thus they still have the bike as of now. Bikes are meant to be fun and it isn't real fun to me when your co-workers give you bizarre looks when you are restarting your new bike to keep it running and sitting there waiting for the RPMs to come back down so I can finally drop it into gear. Maybe I should just drop it into gear before starting the second time and after a brief warm-up ride off. Any Ideas Out There? Thanks, Tony
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