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Originally Posted by ninja_freak1000 View Post
No I live here in kentucky. The owner's manual calls for another valve adjustment check at 3000 miles and I alread put about 200 miles on my bike. Do you think its safe to just wait another 1000 miles and get it checked or should I do it right away?
I had mine done as scheduled Maint. by the book, that way you are on top of thing and if anything fail during warranty period you are not going to get tagged from manufacturer for not following their advise.....if valves are ok and depending on how hard you ride you can pretty much skip the next one......just keep the oil change every 3k, don't skip that and your bike will be in good shape. You can always protect your bike by using Synthetic oil. I have been using Mobile 1 since after break in period. I don't have to change my oil as often but I check my oil filter every 3 months. I use Scotts Performance oil filter.

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