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klrcary 07-26-2008 06:10 PM

Indiana Rules!
Well OK, maybe it doesn't. And well maybe the riding here ain't the best,.... But... There is nowbody else here to dispute it.... So....Ya, that's right....Indiana RULES the Central Sub Forum... For now anyway.....


klrcary 08-01-2008 05:12 PM

Alright, where are you Michigan?..., Ohio?...., Illinois?...

We ride here in Indiana, and we can see CORN..., and BEANS..., Yes, I know, you don't believe it huh.... Yaa, that's right... Indiana RULES! What you got????

Actually there are a few good areas to ride in this state. SR66 in Perry County is very good. SR145 north of Tell City is good. Parts of US150 are nice. SR135 in Brown County everyone knows about. SR 58 is nearly as good. SR335 is my current favorite. SR262, many other small short roads....

Post up some others if you got them......


klrcary 08-13-2008 04:39 PM

Yup... Two weeks now, and Indiana still rules the central section. Undefeated!

Now surely there are some others out there.....Or are there????

klrcary 08-21-2008 05:26 PM

3 weeks now......It's GOOD to be KING!!

klrcary 09-02-2008 06:27 PM

Went for a nice two day ride over the Labor Day weekend. "Touring the Kingdom", so to speak. Not much traffic for a holiday weekend. Kind of hot, but good riding.

Now surely... Some of you nearby States got something to say....?

klrcary 10-01-2008 05:56 PM

Going for a three day ride on Saturday. Going to inspect the competition in Kent, and Tenn. Now, I know what you're thinkin....Cary.., Why would you ride where there are no flat fields of corn and beans? Yes... I know... I know,... But it does give perspective! And..., Of course..., We must never forget those less fortunate riders, who do not have endless flat fields of crops to ride through. Yes indeed...Indiana Rules!

zxbooxz 10-01-2008 11:32 PM

wow i so second this vote!!!

SinCityZX7R 10-02-2008 11:01 PM

Viva Las Vegas!
Heheheh well i grew up in ohio so i love the indiana country rides BUT..... you can never go wrong with a 10 month riding season awesome canyon roads Red rock valley and if you feel like just cruising the las vegas strip you can do that too so i have to say that Las vegas is definatly a great place to ride!

klrcary 10-03-2008 05:58 AM

Yes... But Las Vegas is not in the "Central" sub section. And... Did I mention that we got CORN?

636Sinner 09-03-2009 01:28 PM

Well since everyone has dropped off i guess ill take over this little section for a bit and continue the Indiana vibe. Id like to ad SR46 just south of Nashville, IN as a great one. Just go to the south end of Nashville and instead of turning left to go to Brown County go straight on a FRESHLY PAVED SR46. If there is little or no traffic you will have a wicked bad ass ride. Ive comfortably gone 90 around these sweepers.:D

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