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JesseDM 08-22-2008 02:25 AM

What to do with my ZX6R 636???
I just wanted to get a opinion about what I should do with my bike...
2 years ago I wrecked it and bent the frame. Ever since then its been sitting in my garage. It has no fuel tank, fairings or front wheel. Should I try to sell it as is or part it out? The engine runs and only 700 miles on it. What is a good asking price if i was to sell it as whole? Any advise helps. Thanks. If it matters I live in Washington State.

klrcary 08-24-2008 06:34 PM

Around this area, an engine, with the fuel system and full ignition system, would bring about $1200 to the guys doing the micro-cars. Take that, and look on E-Bay to get an idea of the value of the other major compnents you have that are usable.

Total that up, and decide how much less you'd take to not have to fool with it, and that's your "as is" price.

For that model the engine is worth more whole, than parting it out IMO.

selectautomoto 09-04-2008 02:22 PM

Has your bike just been sitting in your garage all this time? What have you been riding instead?

nitro 09-18-2008 10:14 PM

I need an engine if you still have it.

zxbooxz 09-19-2008 12:07 AM

no offense nitro, but i'd try to fix it up JesseDM. the 636's are bad-a$$ freggin bikes, my first bike was a 05 and i loved that thing!!! it was totaled once and i fixed it up, just search egay and by peaces one at a time. i have a buddy that built a 06 ZX-10 that way, piece by piece off of ebay and that thing looks and runs like it came from the dealer brand new.

[email protected] 12-04-2008 01:58 PM

well you have a couple options. i did the same to my bike. wadded it up real good. ive got like 1200 into it now and maybe another 300 left to do minus paint. so if your in love with your as much as i am mine it might not be a bad idea to keep it. its all up to you.

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