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MOTORCYCLEiD 04-30-2020 02:45 PM

Helmet Certifications Explained + Helmet History in Our Article
Wearing a proper helmet is the most effective way of protecting your head in case of a crash. To make sure that the helmet is able to provide the required level of protection in any given extreme situation, it is subjected to a series of tests to be certified according to one of the several known certification standards. Different countries have their own demands on the quality and properties of the helmet depending on local motorcycle laws and riding conditions.

Each of the certification standards involves different testing procedures that also vary in their intensity. Our resident technical expert and writer Timothy Zahl wrote this article on the differences between DOT, ECE, SHARP, and SNELL helmet certifications. Click the link below to learn about motorcycle helmet history and the way modern helmets are being tested to make sure that they could effectively protect your head.

Helmet Certifications | What are the Differences among DOT, ECE, SHARP, & SNELL?

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