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07_zx-10 10-08-2011 06:45 PM

Hello...06-07 zx-10R Stuff needed!
I am new to the forum and need everyones help. I laid down by 07zx-10 about a week ago and am trying to put it back together. I put an add in the wanted section and am also placing it here. I need either Red, Black, or green. Tank, plastics etc.....Also does anyone know how to tell if the sub-frame is bent? It looks a little off but I want to be entirely sure before I buy one....or straighten mine if that is possible? I also possibly need a subframe, starter cover, swing arm, subframe tray, heat shield cover, exhaust (s/o) headlight assy.... you get the idea. If you have anything you think I could be interested in let me know. I prefer to pay via pay pal. I will pay for the stuff but good prices on single pieces or bundled parts will be GREATLY appriciated:) as I do have a large bill that I am faced with! Thank you for your help! Let me know if I can straighten my subframe or have it straightend or how to tell if it is bent for sure! If you have parts comment or PM me and I will get back to you ASAP thanks again!

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