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Tj4Shizzle 04-25-2008 05:22 PM

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Wazzup people
Just signed up,
Had a Q about the mighty Kawa's ...
Was Thinking of buying a new bike(My 1st, i ride a lot on my dad's old bike) and of course i liked drummroll plz....
zx-7r :DNinja:D YEAH!

Was wondering if there is any difference in models through '98 to '00, like frame/engine/brake/ect. mods?
And if u know where 2 find some cool reviews 2 read about it/own experience.
The milage/Km standings when shizzle needs 2 be replaced (valve adjustments ect. Just general 'look/wachtout'places for thezx-7r.
I have my eye on a 2000 model(pic.)... but first, I thought some expert opninion, from the ..... experts?:D

If I'm luckky i'll get to see some green stuff in action! during the SBK this weekend, Jippy!
If i'll be blessed enough 2 hopefully get the tickets, i'll bring u guys some cool kawa pics! Fingers crossed!

zxbooxz 09-18-2008 11:37 PM

what's poppin homie? welcome to the site! where ya from? those are nice lookin bikes in that pic...i don't know much about the older bikes but help us get the word of the new site out so we can get those "experts" in here to learn us something about it all...lookin forward to those SBK pics, don't hold out on us now...and let me know if ya need anything else...talk it up post them pics and enjoy!!!

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